Common Plumbing Troubles of Older Homes

If you decide to purchase an older home or if you have lived in the same house for many years there is a good chance the home's plumbing system will need updates and repairs. Updating old systems is important to ensure you have clean, safe drinking water and to be sure there is no water being wasted through leaks. There are a couple of common plumbing problems that old homes have that you should be aware of when preparing to buy or update your system.

Roots in Old Sewer Lines

Depending on when and where your home was built your home's sewer lines are likely made of hard plastic, cast iron, or clay. Each of these is susceptible to invading tree roots, which can greatly damage the sewer line running between the house and the street. Clay lines are easily intruded on because of their nature, especially in mature landscapes. Cast iron pipes do erode over time, which causes them to split, leaving roots open access to the water. Plastic pipes, used widely in the 1980s can also be crushed by roots. Tree roots take the easiest path in order to find water, so any leaks in a plumbing system can attract tree roots. Be sure to have any outdoor system closely inspected when purchasing or updating and replace an old system with modern, durable pipes.

"Invisible" Water Leaks

Does your water bill seem a little high, but you can't find a dripping faucet or running toilet anywhere in the house? You could have a leak in a pipe that can't be seen without digging a hole or tearing it into a wall. To diagnose the most minute leaks turn off the water valve to the home and look at the dial on the meter, it will show any amount of water flow. Movement on the dial means there is likely a leak somewhere in the plumbing system. Get a hold of a licensed plumber to further diagnose the issue.

Galvanized Pipes

One of the most common plumbing problems in an older home is galvanized pipes. Galvanized pipes will corrode and rust over time causing a poor water supply throughout the home. Low water pressure is a telltale sign of galvanized pipe in poor condition.

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