4 Indications that You Need Garbage Disposal Repair

If you regularly use your garbage disposal, then there's a good chance that it's going to need repair at some point due to standard wear and tear. At the first indication of a problem with your garbage disposal, you'll want to call in a reputable plumber who can quickly and accurately diagnose the issue, then get right to work on the repairs. Here's a look at four common signs that you need garbage disposal repair.


It's important to address water leaks as soon as possible because costly water damage could grow increasingly worse. Oftentimes, when there's a garbage disposal leak, it occurs at either the discharge/drainpipe connection or the dishwasher/disposal connection.

Slow Draining/No Draining

Clogs are the usual culprit when there are drainage problems. Some clogs are easy to address with a regular old pair of pliers. But if the clog is more troublesome, it'll be worth having a plumber do the work.

Humming Sound

If you flip the garbage disposal switch and it doesn't turn on properly but it does make a humming noise, then you've got evidence of a jammed flywheel. While this issue doesn't require the most complicated repair, it's still something that should be taken care of by a seasoned plumber who can ensure a thorough fix.

Stays Silent

If you flip the switch and don't even get a humming noise, then your electrical supply could be the problem. To address this, you'll first want to check to make sure the garbage disposal didn't become unplugged, which can happen surprisingly easily. You can also try pressing the reset button. If you're still not getting any life at all from your garbage disposal, then you should check your breaker.

If you need garbage disposal repair, be sure to get in touch with a reputable plumber. For garbage disposal repair in Atascocita or any of the surrounding areas, contact the experts at GAP Plumbing at (281) 645-5406. Feel free to call GAP Plumbing for any of your residential or commercial plumbing needs!