4 Must Know Signs of a Water Leak

A water leak can be much more difficult to detect than people think, as it could happen anywhere between the city hookup and any water outlet in the home. Luckily there are a few symptoms of trouble that will let you know if you have a leak, sparing you from higher water bills and more damage. Some of the signs of a water leak may lead you directly to the problem area, but other times the actual leak location will remain a mystery until the piping is exposed. If you suspect a water leak call a professional plumber right away before the problem gets worse. Here are 4 signs to be aware of that could spell trouble for your home and plumbing system.

Increased Water Bill

As mentioned, if your water bill seems a little high, but there hasn't been any excessive water use, there is a good chance that water is flowing through the system without your knowledge. Consult a plumber to have the problem diagnosed.

Wet Spots of Floors or Walls

One of the most common signs of a residential water leak is wet or damp spots on the floors, walls or ceilings where pipes are located. The spots usually indicate a leak is nearby. You may also notice mold or staining in the area.

Sound of Flowing Water

If you hear the sound of flowing water in your home but no faucets or appliances are on then you definitely have some sort of problem. If you can determine where the noise is loudest, it will help the plumber to quickly solve the issue.

Low Water Pressure

If you're unable to get a steady stream of water from a faucet in your home, either regularly or intermittently, there is likely a leak in the system. You can sometimes determine where the leak is by checking to see if all water outlets have low pressure or only ones in a certain room.

If you ever suspect a water leak don't delay having the problem fixed, as a water leak left untouched can cause major issues for your home, including structural problems. For water leak repair in Kingwood get in touch with the experts at GAP Plumbing Inc. We provide all sorts of residential and commercial plumbing services, including the installation of tankless water heaters. When you need a plumber in Kingwood or the surrounding area give us a call right away at (281) 645-5406! We look forward to helping you with all of your plumbing problems and installations.