Common Signs you have a Leaking Water Pipe

The plumbing system in your home is quite complex which means there are many places that water pipes can rupture or leak. Those leaks can be attributed to many issues. Old metal pipes may rust through, faucets age and begin to drip and sometimes things just fail. But it isn't always easy to tell if you have a water leak or detect where it is if you do. Some signs may lead you directly to the source, others may not be as clear. But if you discover any of these four signs of a water leak you should contact a professional plumber right away for plumbing repair before the problem causes bigger problems with your house.

Increased Water Bill

If your water bill seems to be skyrocketing and you're positive there isn't any additional water use happening then there is a good chance of a leak somewhere in your system.

Sound of Flowing Water

The sound of running water in your home should not be present if no faucets are on or appliances are runnings. If you do hear running water in the walls or floor contact a plumber immediately as this may be a sign of big trouble.

Wet Spots of Floors or Walls

One of the more common signs of a water leak is wet spots on the floor or walls where water pipes run. You may also find wet spots inside sink cabinets.

Low Water Pressure

Does your shower seem a little weak? Faucet has little pressure? These are definite signs of a water leak. You can sometimes pinpoint where the leak may be depending on which faucets and fixtures have low pressure. If all of them in the house are low then the leak is somewhere on the outskirts of the system, if it is only one bathroom then the leak will likely be near that room.

It is important to always keep a lookout for any signs of plumbing trouble because if it isn't fixed as soon as it begins it will certainly get worse. If you find yourself in need of plumbing repair in Humble, Kingwood or the surrounding area be sure to reach out to the friendly team of professionals at GAP Plumbing. We work hard to ensure your home or office's plumbing system is always working great. Give us a call at (281) 645-5406 to request a quote for plumbing in Humble or the surrounding area.