Is it Time for Water Line Repair?

We rely on water for everyday tasks, including bathing, eating, washing clothes and dishes, watering the garden, and much more. If your home suffers damage to a water line it can result in the inability to do any of these things. While a devastating water line break could result in a flood in your home, you're much more likely to notice one or more of the following signs of a water line leak before it gets to that point.

Low Water Pressure

The spotty or low water pressure coming from sink faucets, showerheads, or other outlets can be a sign of a leak. If water can't get to where it is supposed to be coming out of then you won't get the pressure you want.

Increased Water Bill

Has your water bill spiked but your use in water remained level? This is almost always a definitive sign of a leak.

Sounds of Flowing Water

If you can hear water flowing through your home, such as in the walls, ceiling, or under the floor, call a plumber right away.

Wet Spots of Floors, Ceiling, or Walls

Any wet spots that result in mushy flooring, stained drywall, or mold, need to be inspected by a plumber. This is a very common sign of a leak.

Slow Drains

While slow drains can be caused by much simpler issues, such as a hair clog, it is important to have the issue checked out to make sure it isn't something more serious, such as a water line fault.

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