What Are Common Causes of Burst Pipes?

If you have a pipe that bursts, you'll want to quickly shut off the main water supply and then get in touch with a plumber who can provide prompt and thorough repairs. By being familiar with the common causes of burst pipes, you can take steps to reduce the risk of such a problem occurring. Here are six reasons that pipes burst.

Accumulation of Hard Water

Water that is very high in mineral content is considered to be hard water. As hard water builds up in pipes, there's a better chance of a crack or clog causing a pipe to burst. By using water softeners, there's less of a risk of this problem arising.


After withstanding many years of abuse, steel pipes often begin to corrode. Corroded pipes are liable to become narrow to the point that they then open up. But if you have plastic or copper pipes, this is an issue you won't need to worry about.


If you have a major clog, pressure could build to the extent that the pipe ends up bursting. If you know that something recently went down your pipes that shouldn't have, it'll be best to have a plumber remedy the problem before worse trouble occurs, such as a burst pipe.

High Water Pressure

Usually, you don't want your water pressure to exceed 60 psi. Higher water pressure increases the chances of a pipe bursting.

Tree Roots

When large tree roots cross paths with pipes, they can actually cause the pipes to rupture and burst open. If you plan on planting a new tree on your property, you'll want to make sure you choose a spot where it won't interfere with pipes when it reaches its mature size.

Freezing Weather

Although freezing weather isn't usually a concern in our region, it is worth noting that in the nation a leading cause of burst pipes is temperatures that drop down into the low 20s. And in the event that freakishly cold weather is in the local forecast, it'll be helpful to consult a friendly local plumber about steps you can take to protect your pipes.

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