What Causes a Dripping Faucet?

It may not seem like such a big issue, but every drop of water that comes out of your faucet costs you money. So not only is it a complete waste of a valuable resource, it's a waste of hard-earned cash. There are a few things that can cause a faucet to drip, but regardless of the reason, it is important to have it fixed. Leaking faucets can indicate larger problems as well, which is why it is necessary to have a professional plumber diagnose and resolve these sorts of issues, no matter how simple they may seem. So, what causes the faucet to drip?

Broken Pipe or Fitting

Let's start with something that is not a very common cause of leaky faucets, but still something you should be aware of. If a pipe cracks below the sink or if a fitting is no longer holding tight it could cause a drip to occur. This happens due to issues with water pressure being properly exerted. However a broken or cracked pipe or fitting is more likely to cause a mess underneath the sink, so you'll likely notice some accompanying puddling.

Damaged Faucet

Perhaps the most common cause of a dripping faucet is worn or damaged parts inside of it. A plumber may need to replace the washers inside the tap or the seals inside compression faucets. In cartridge and ball-type faucets, it is likely caused by damage to parts that move, such as the O rings.

Failed Cartridge

This failure, specific to cartridge faucets, is somewhat self-explanatory. To fix this the cartridge will need to be replaced with an original replacement. The part needs to fit exceptionally well to prevent drips from occurring.

Water Pressure Problems

If the water pressure in your home is too high it may not allow for water to flow backward away from sinks and other openings. You may experience dripping only during certain actions, such as showering or running water-driven appliances like the washing machine or dishwasher, if this is a problem.

A dripping faucet will result in increased utility bills so it is important to have this issue resolved as soon as it becomes apparent. If you need leaky faucet repair in Kingwood, TX, or the surrounding area reach out to GAP Plumbing. Our expert plumbers will quickly identify the issue and have it resolved. For full-service plumbing in Kingwood give us a call at (281) 645-5406 today!