How a Plumber Detects a Water Leak

It may seem as if a leaky pipe would be easy to locate but when you think about how much piping is in your house and surrounding it, it is easy to understand how it can be quite difficult. While there are a couple of common signs of a potential water leak that you may spot it is important to call in an expert plumber in order to pinpoint the location of the leak and to have it repaired.

Signs of a leak

You may notice one or more signs of a water leak, prompting you to call in a plumber. Common symptoms of a leak include the sound of water flowing when all fixtures are off, wet spots on the floor, ceiling, or in the walls, mold growth, or increases in your water bill without increased water use. If you notice any of these call a plumber right away.

After getting in touch with a plumber they'll come out to your house and employ a variety of methods as necessary to find the exact location of the leak. Here are a few common steps they may take to find the leak.

Visual inspection

The first thing they will do is a thorough visual inspection in which they will look for wet spots, mold or warped flooring. This will help them narrow down the area where the leak may be.

Listening devices

Using high-tech listening devices a plumber will work to locate the sound of dripping water through the walls, including thick concrete.

Infrared sensor

In some instances, a plumber may use infrared sensors to detect areas of excessive moisture. This will further pinpoint the area of the leak.

Video equipment

An even higher-tech method of leak detection involves using tiny cameras on a fiber optic cable that is sent through a drain. It gives the plumber a look inside the pipes, allowing them to see cracks, holes, and other compromises.

Once the leak location has been detected the plumber will assess the area to determine the best method of repair. It is important that reach out to a plumber as soon as you believe that you have a leak, as it will only get worse and more expensive to repair with time. If you need water leak repair in Kingwood, TX, or the surrounding areas contact GAP Plumbing Inc.. We use the latest technology to quickly repair leaks and other plumbing issues! Give us a call at (281) 645-5406 to learn more or to request an estimate from a professional Kingwood plumber!