Common Problems that Mean it's Time to Call the Plumber

When plumbing problems suddenly arise, your domestic life can quickly turn nightmarish. In such a situation, you'll want to call in an experienced plumber right away. By acting quickly, the nasty problem can be fixed as soon as possible, which will give you back your domestic bliss. Here are five common reasons that a plumber's help is needed.

Slow or No Draining

With a clog, dirty water can start accumulating significantly in your sink or shower. An experienced plumber will have the know-how and tools to quickly address the clog. By using an auger, which is also called a drain snake, the plumber will be able to take care of the clog with much greater efficiency than if you use a wire coat hanger or another DIY tactic.

No Hot Water

Having a reliable stream of hot water is a modern luxury that is sometimes taken for granted until it suddenly becomes unavailable. Then, the simple pleasure of taking a warm shower is suddenly taken away. When you need water heater repair, be sure to entrust the work to a plumbing professional. Water heater trouble is likely brewing if you notice rust on your heater's burner components or murky water coming from your faucet.

Back-Flow Problem

An abrupt drop in water pressure can cause water to reverse its normal downward course and begin coming up the drain. With this problem, dirty water might spill over onto the countertops or floor. A plumber can quickly take care of this problem, which will protect the surrounding area from water damage.

New Toilet Installation

Rust and large cracks are signs that you could be due for a new toilet. A plumber can ensure that the installation is done flawlessly on the first try.

Toilet Won't Stop Running

Damage to the seal between the tank and bowl can cause the toilet to continue to run. With this issue, the tank is triggered to repeat the refilling process.

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