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When a drain gets clogged, it can be a major inconvenience. If the problem isn’t addressed promptly, it can lead to bigger problems, including water damage and mold growth. At GAP Plumbing, we provide safe and effective drain cleaning in Humble and surrounding areas. Our plumbers are experienced and equipped to handle any drain clog, regardless of the cause.

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What Causes Drain Clogs?

Drain clogs can be caused by a variety of factors. In the kitchen, the most common cause of clogged drains is a buildup of grease in the drainpipe. In the bathroom, a hair clog is the most frequent problem. In both the kitchen and bathroom, the problem can be made worse by flushing inappropriate items down the drain or toilet.

Common causes of drain clogs include:

  • Grease and oil – Cooking grease, fats, and oil are a common cause of clogged drains in the kitchen. When you pour hot grease into the sink, it quickly cools and solidifies, causing a clog. Oils, like coconut oil and olive oil, can also cause clogs if they solidify in the drain.
  • Hair – In the bathroom, hair is the most common cause of clogs. When hair combines with other substances, such as soap and toothpaste, it can cause a clog that is difficult to remove.
  • Soap – While soap is designed to dissolve in water, certain types of soap can build up in the drainpipe and cause a clog. Soap scum can also contribute to a clog by trapping hair and other debris.
  • Food scraps – In the kitchen, food scraps are a common cause of clogged drains. Even if you have a garbage disposal, you should avoid putting large amounts of food scraps down the drain. Coffee grounds, eggshells, pasta, rice, and fibrous vegetables, such as celery and corn husks, should never be put down the drain.

How to Prevent Drain Clogs

Preventing a clogged drain is much easier than dealing with one. While it is impossible to prevent all clogs, there are several steps you can take to minimize the risk of a clogged drain. First, be mindful of what you put down the drain. Avoid putting grease, oil, and food scraps down the kitchen sink. In the bathroom, use a drain cover to keep hair from going down the drain. You should also avoid putting anything other than toilet paper down the toilet.

Another important step in preventing clogs is to schedule regular drain cleaning. At GAP Plumbing, we offer drain maintenance to help keep your drains clean and free of clogs. During a drain maintenance service, we will remove any buildup from the inside of the pipe, which will help prevent future clogs. Regular drain maintenance will also extend the life of your drainpipe and help you avoid costly repairs.

Signs of a Clogged Drain

Not all clogs are obvious. Some clogs are minor and can be cleared with a plunger. Other clogs are more severe and should be handled by a professional. Knowing the signs of a clogged drain will help you determine when to call in a professional for drain cleaning in Humble.

Signs of a clogged drain include:

  • A slow drain – If the water in your sink or tub is draining slowly, it is a sign of a clog. If the water is draining very slowly, it is likely that the clog is deep in the drainpipe and will require professional drain cleaning.
  • A gurgling noise – If you hear a gurgling noise when your drains are emptying, it is a sign that there is air trapped in the drainpipe. This is usually caused by a clog that is preventing the water from flowing freely through the pipe.
  • An unpleasant odor – If you notice a foul odor coming from your drains, it is a sign that there is a clog. The odor is caused by bacteria that are feeding on the organic material that is trapped in the drainpipe.
  • Water backing up into the sink or tub – If water is backing up into your sink or tub, it is a sign that there is a clog in the drainpipe. If the water is backing up into multiple drains, it is a sign that there is a clog in the main drainpipe.

Call for Professional Drain Cleaning in Humble

If your drains are clogged, you should avoid using chemical drain cleaners. Chemical drain cleaners are not only toxic, but they can also cause damage to your drainpipe and septic system. The best way to clear a clogged drain is with professional drain cleaning in Humble. At GAP Plumbing, we use safe and effective methods to clear clogs and restore the flow of water.

Call (281) 645-5406 or contact us online to schedule drain cleaning in Humble or a nearby area. We offer 24-hour emergency service.

    “Justin from Gap Plumbing did an excellent job checking out our spare bathroom that has not been used in a while. He was efficient, courteous, and the job was fair-priced. Thanks!”

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